is a general photography site that began partly as an early experiment in collaborative computing. The site design is sophisticated, allowing effective searches and forum participation. It includes equipment, portfolios, and pages that allow photographers to rate their experiences with retailer and technicians.  
    Bob Monaghan, the developer of this site, has not been reachable by email for some time. The site has remained, but it appears that it is not being maintained. You may still find interesting information here, and I have replicated a few pages on this site that have particular relevence to Kodak. The site was originally created from essays by Bob and others and from a large collection of early forum-type postings harvested and edited by Bob.  
  CameraQuest is another site featuring a broad spectrum of makes and models. Stephen has developed profiles for many cameras that combine detailed photographs, information about design and operation and his opinions based on years of camera trading and use. There are mostly professional cameras with a few highend Kodaks that are well-described.  
  Two friends--one an amateur camera technician, the other a professional Web designer--have created an attractive and well organized site with camera repair advice, manuals for older cameras and a forum to exchange information about camera maintenance.  
  Dan Colucci has assembled a collection of links relating to antique cameras, including a site about the Kodak Girl, Brownies, and the George Eastman House. The site also includes photos from Dan's collection of antique cameras. Dan publishes a monthly e-newsletter that links to a what's new page.  
This site includes a particularly rich collection of scans of historical documents--brochures, catalogs and manuals for medium and large format equipment

This site serves a group created in 1985 and has become a kind of virtual museum to promote an interest in the collection and preservation of the artifacts of photography.

  Unusual as this is, the author of this site is a collector that finds not only time to use his collection, but to organize and publish the resulting images. Think of it as a road test for old cameras. While this is an international collection, equipment from the U. K. is generously represented.


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