Walker Mangum has collected a large proportion of Kodak cameras and Kodak printed material and memorabilia and presents them in well photographed illustrations.  
  Charlie Kamerman has a very large collection of Kodak equipment, which has been the basis for several museum exhibits he has mounted. He has started a site as an alternative way of sharing his collection.  
  Originally Chris Eve built a site based on his large Kodak collection. In 2005 the collection was sold and Mischa Koenig assumed sole management of the site and redesigned it to a more contempory Web standard. The site has an extensive collection of pages about Kodak cameras and provides a basic description of each camera cataloged.  
  A site that looks at early Kodaks, particularly those with Teague Deco designs, like the Kodak Vest Pocket series.  
    Clayton Rye has compiled detailed specifications and illustrations of Retina models. An excellent site to help you identify the Retina you just bought at a garage sale or as a resource for designing a complete Retina collection.  
  Michael Butkus has assembled an online library of more than 2000 camera manuals, including many of the Kodak manuals. Get a .pdf version of your manual and support this collection.  
  Dan Mitchell collects, uses and restores cameras. He documents as he does restoration and shares his experience in pages that are well-written and copiously illustrated. There are several specific link on individual Kodak cameras, but the index link here is useful because his site keeps growing.  
  From the Kodak site: a list of all Kodak consumer cameras produced, including production dates, film size and original retail price.

  Camerapedia.org is an excellent collaborative wiki site with a growing collection of camera profiles, including many for early Kodak cameras.  

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