Camera Repair - Ed Romney

The following ideas are included on Romney's Web site and give a good idea of his philosophy of camera repair.

What are the trade secrets of camera repair?

Here are a few of them, briefly:

  1. Few cameras need parts. Usually a part can be filed or bent to fit.
  2. Most cameras that are jammed can be flush cleaned easily without taking them apart completely. A plate or
    cover is removed and trichloroethylene solvent is sprayed on the moving parts.
  3. Most failures in electronic cameras and exposure meters are simply bad contacts in battery boxes or switches. T hey can be fixed easily with our contact cleaning brush with no great technical knowledge.
  4. Most camera SLR mirrors are easily removed with tweezers and replaced without taking the camera apart.
  5. Camera makers conceal the screws used to take them apart under leather. Peel it back to expose the screws.
    Sometimes glued-on shiny plates conceal the screws. Cameras often use a ring without slots. It is removed
    with a clamp wrench or auto hose clamp covered with tape .
  6. Never oil a camera heavily. Camera oil is very thin special watch oil. We sell it.
  7. Parts for cameras are not hard to find. Get them off junk cameras. Many parts are interchangeable between
    different makes of camera.

Of course there is a little more to these trade secrets than we can present here. You really need our REVISED BASIC TRAINING IN CAMERA REPAIR TEXT even if you have bought texts on camera repair by other authors. Otherwise you will simply become confused. You need to look at my website frequently and maybe print it out. It is often updated with new material, and from time to time older information is removed.

Ed Romney has written and published many books on camera repair and the intriguing title: LIVING WELL ON PRACTICALLY NOTHING.