While the site began as one focused on a specific group of Kodak cameras, other subjects and brands have gotten their noses under the tent. In this Tech Notes section you will find lots of information that applies to general camera maintenance and some that may apply to other more specific categories, for example non-Kodak folders. I hope this section reaches and is useful to non-Kodak collector audiences, but it is always wise to ask yourself, just how much generalization you can draw from my explanations.


Should I even be trying this?
Front-cell focusing lenses
General Maintenance .
Lens cleaning
Metal refinishing
Professional service
Respooling 116/616 film
Respooling 620 film
Kodak Regent
Respooling 828 film
Shutter cleaning
Kodak Tourist

Skills, Work Areas, Tools, Supplies

Specifications and illustrations of Kodak Ektars, Anastars (Anastigmat Specials)
Kodak Film Sizes

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