Changes are too numerous to list, so major updates are marked with this label.

Sites that have existed for 10 years get stale. Shortcuts taken for expediency become glaring. Authentication of details seem no longer up to standards. Old impressions and opinions often are embarrassing. Navigation shows signs of incrementalism.

Over the summer of 2010, I've revised many parts of the site and, sometimes with contributions from others have added new content. I hope you find the changes helpful and interesting. As always, there is no progress without pain. I'll appreciate a note about glitches you spot and ideas that you think would make further improvements.


One of the challenges in developing a site about old cameras is that new information keeps appearing and I keep learning. While the site started as a small collection of pages describing the cameras I lusted for but couldn't afford as a boy, my research into this area has become something of an obsession and as my interest in Kodak collecting grew, so did my interest in other photographic areas. As my medium and large format interests grew, providing information on the Kodak site became increasingly inappropriate and I developed a separate site attempting to inform photographers new to large format about how that equipment differed from the 35mm and digital equipment that was probably more familiar.

Early sites that shaped my view of Web-based information about Kodak included those developed by Walker Mangum , Chris Eve , and Bob Monaghan. I've found many other sites that have enriched my understanding of Kodak, Kodak collecting and camera design and maintenance, many of which you can explore from my links pages. Forums have become a rich source of information about Kodak cameras and lenses, but in general, finding information on forums is more diffused than it is on single-topic sites. Where I discover new information, I try to bring it here and integrate it into the site structure. So special thanks are due to those who have given permission to reproduce there work here.

Most of the factual information on this site has come from Kodak publications which, though very old, were published in the same era as the equipment they document. Kodak publications were characteristic of house publications of the time--well written, current and erring only in being tastefully hyperbolic about Kodak products. Over the production period dealt with here, Kodak product information seems to have been accurate in describing features, construction and to accurately measure performance, however limited that may have been at the time. I try to insure that the information included here has a high probability of validity, and where that validity is in doubt, I try to give you a clue to that.

I am always happy to hear from visitors and especially when they can add authoritative information that I was unaware of or correct an error. If I can explain something more fully either on the site or in an email, please feel free to write, using the Comments? address at the bottom of each page. Incidentally you will notice that this address is not clickable to avoid spam. While I periodically review the pages for inaccuracies, out-dated opinions and clumsy writing, many recent additions have come from collaboration with others, beyond granting permission to republish an image. If you have ideas for additional pages, including significant collections, please write.


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