All collectors revel in the stories they retell about the time they came upon some yet undiscovered cache of obscure items. Here is my Ektar cache story, albiet not a very obscure one I discovered on eBay.

In late 2002, the son of a Kodak employee of 40 years found a treasure trove of old Kodak lenses as he was going through his father's estate. He and a friend auctioned these on eBay and I corresponded with them about the lenses, bought a couple, and grabbed some images from the auctions. Here is a partial list of some of this collection, as they described it:

Kodak 3 inch prism with copying ektanon lens attached. RI121. This is very cool.

Huge 30 inch Process ektar lens assembly EI 121

18 inch process ektar lens ET157 (I think)

Unusual lenses in a box marked "3 (as in three) lenses for Army-Navy Camera Order # 9038". Serial #s ET 001 - ET 003. Complete with front and back covers. Looks like it might go on a 35mm size camera (just a guess).

Early 50mm f/2.8 Aluminum signet lenses. have several 4-5 one is incomplete A couple are tagges "master" SNs are all zeros.

Kodak anastigmat f/3.5 35mm EC002

128mm f/7.7 Anastigmat in Kodex#1 shutter no SN

102mm f/6.3 Anastigmat in Kodex#1 shutter no SN

kodak Ektars in supermatic shutters two have 75mm (EC002, EC003) and 60mm ES003.

2 63mm Ektars in a circular mount. SNs EA117, EA102.

"taking lens for reflex camera" EF 79.1, BF 64.04, f3.5. A guy by the name of less newcomer says its for a rare camera that never took off.

A cool lens marked Kodak Ektar Converter Wide Angle 44mm-30mm. Kind of a bubble look to it. also have on in 25-20mm

2 ektanon lenses for signet 40 in syncro 400 shutters.

A few cine ektar lenses - a few still new in wrap.


06/08/2010 23:48