This page was developed in collaboration with Randy McKinley, Ohio Camera Collectors Society,
whose images appear below.

D R A F T    V E R S I O N

The annotated images below show the operational controls of the Kodak Flurolite Camera using the front (bottom) and rear (top) standards and bellows of the Kodak Flurolite Enlarger. The enlarger elements are remounted on a special accessory focusing rack which was offered by Kodak.

[Instructions for remounting the standards and bellows, with perhaps a shot of the underside of the front standard and additional annotations on the shot below of the underside of the rear standard]



Right view with 35mm Adapter in taking position


Left view with 35mm Adapter in taking position

Lower view of rear standard controls

Front quarter view of front standard lens mounting

Rear quarter view of 35mm Adapter in viewing position

Rear quarter view of 6.5 x 9 cm Sheet Film Adapter


Kodak Flurolite Camera mounted on a Cine-Kodak Tripod with Pan Head

Ground Glass Focusing Panel and Film Holder


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