In putting together this site, certain mysteries remain to be solved which rounding up the usual suspects has not revealed. If you can clear away the mist in any of these cases, click on the Comments link at the bottom and send me the information.

  • Two pairs of lenses--the Anastigmat 103mm f /4.5 and Anastigmat Special 101 f /4.5 and the Anastigmat 103mm f /4.5 and Anastigmat Special 101 f /4.5--look to have identical designs in the Kodak Reference Handbook. and Kodak Data Book: Lenses and Shutters, Third Ed. What was special about the Special?
  • Why did Kodak never introduce a rangefinder version of the Tourist or Monitor as a domestic companion to the Regents that the Nagelwerke had produced for Europe?
  • When did Kodak begin hardcoating (Lumenizing) lenses? Did this occur across all premium lenses or was coating done selectively at first?
11/06/2002 21:55