Nagel/Kodak Pupille
f/2.0 Xenon in Compur shutter

Pupille Photos: photobooksonline.com

Nagel/Kodak Pupille
Showing its debt in film loading to the Leitz engineers.
16 half-frame pictures on 127, helical mount
Kodak Vollenda No. 48
Bellows design for 127 contemporary with Pupille
Kodak Duo 620
Sixteen 6x4.5 images on 620, German lens, not imported

Nagel Duo 620 with Rangefinder
Similar to model to the left, but with rangefinder and film index


Retina Type 117
Kodak's first 35mm camera


Nagel Suprema 620
Rigid optical finder, 6x6 format,
German lens
Vollenda 620
Hexagonal silhoute, German lens
Kodak Regent
Rangefinder, 8 or 16 on 620, Zeiss or Schneider lenses
Kodak Regent II
Superimposed rangefinder/viewfinder,
8 or 16 on 620, Zeiss or Schneider lenses


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