/4.5, 5 1/2 in.; f /4.5, 6 3/8 in.;
/4.5, 7 1/2 in.; f /4.5, 8 1/2 in.;
/4.5, 10 in.; f /4.5, 12 in.

These lenses, primarily intended for press, commercial, and studio cameras, are remarkably fine lenses, covering fully the recommended film or plate sizes at their f /4.5 maximum aperture. Every one of them gives very good definition and satisfactory flatness of field. These lenses are recommended for any type of work which requires the fine definition of an anastigmat and are especially suitable for home or studio portraiture, architectural, landscape and sports photography. Lens corrections are maintained from infinity to about 1/3 subject size at f /4.5. At smaller stops these lenses perform satisfactorily for most work at even closer range. These lenses are available in barrels, and lenses Nos. 32 to 36 in shutters.

Kodak Reference Manual/Lens, Rangefinders and Shutters section,
© 1942, 1945