KODAK EKTAR f /3.5, 100mm
(as used on the Kodak Medalist II)

With its fast maximum aperture of f /3.5 this lens bring to photographic workers preferring larger negative sizes many of the picture-taking possibilities up to not restricted to miniature cameras. A carefully worked out formula, superior quality of the carefully chosen optical glass from which each one of the 5 elements is made, precision grinding, polishing and mounting, all contribute to make it a really outstanding lens. Aberrations, especially those in any way affecting excellent color reproduction, are virtually non-existent. To assure greater clarity and brilliance of black-and-white negatives and color purity in full-color pictures the lens has been Lumenized. A coupled range finder and an automatic depth of field indicator aid in exact focusing. An auxiliary infrared focusing mark is provided.

Kodak Data Book/Lens, Shutters and Portra Lenses ,
© 1948