8 1/2-inch, f /6.3; 10-inch, f /6.3;
12 inch, f /6.3 ; 14 inch, f /6.3

These lenses meet the most critical requirements in color photography and are recommended for making exposures with Kodak color sheet films or for making color-separation negatives. It follows, therefore, that they are also suitable for black-and-white picture taking. They are not recommended for enlarging or projection printing. When the lenses are used at maximum aperture, the image size on the ground glass should not be larger that about one-third the subject size. At smaller apertures they perform satisfactorily for almost all types of work, even at lens-to-subject distances giving an image size of about 1 to 1.

Kodak Commercial Ektar Lenses are exceedingly well corrected for all lens aberrations such as coma, astigmatism, curvature of field, and spherical and chromatic aberration both lateral and longitudinal. The lenses are Lumenized.

The four f /6.3 lenses described here cover at full aperture and angel of 53° and at small stops an angle of 64°. For example, the 14-inch f /6.3 lens covers adequately the recommended negative size (8 x 10 inches) at maximum aperture with allowance for full use of the rising and falling front and swing back. At apertures below /16 its 64° covering power permits its use on an 11 x 14-inch camera, but without allowance for swing back or rising and falling front.

Kodak Commercial Ektar lenses are available in shutter or in barrel.

Kodak Professional Data Book/Camera Technique for Professional Photographers © 1952