80mm, f /6.3; 100mm, f /6.3;
135mm, f /6.3 ; 190mm, f /6.3; 250mm, f /6.3

Covering more than twice the area of good definition obtainable with lenses of conventional design, Kodak Wide Field Ektar Lenses, f /6.3, are especially useful for press photography, architectural photography and similar work in which wider than normal coverage is desirable. They are not, however, "special purpose" lenses, since their versatile performance makes them suitable for all types of photography. As a result of careful design and precision manufacture, Kodak Wide Field Ektar Lenses, f /6.3, show no distortion; preserve flatness of field, even at 1 to 1 magnification; and have no significant shift in focus with change in aperture. In a addition, lateral color has been completely eliminated, making possible the perfect registration of color-separation negatives made with these lenses. Kodak Wide Field Ektar Lenses are Lumenized and are supplied in flash shutters. At very short subject distances, it is advisable to use the lens at reduced openings when the work to be done is of an exacting nature. Best definition is obtained at f /11 or smaller diaphragm openings.

Kodak Professional Data Book/Camera Technique for Professional Photographers © 1952