KODAK EKTAR 101mm, f /4.5;
127mm, f /4.7, 152mm, f /4.5

These two lenses make available to the users of small and medium sized press and similar cameras the optical pre-eminence represented by Kodak Ektar Lenses. Their ability to meet the most exacting requirements in black-and-white and color photography is well known. All of these lenses are Lumenized.

They produce definition of exceptional quality over all of the areas they are designed to cover at all apertures and all working distances from infinity to about 3 1/2 feet from the lens. When shorter lens-to-subject distance is used, it is advisable to stop the lens below maximum aperture, particularly for work demanding critical definition. The 101mm and 127mm lenses are also supplied with metal lens board for use with the Kodak Flurolite Camera Combination.

Note. Shutters entry shows that the 101mm was offered in the Synchro-Rapid 800 (B, 1 to 1/800); the 127mm and 152mm were offered in the Flash Supermatic (T, B, 1 to 1/400*) with M, F and X synchronization. The 127mm was also offered in the Supermatic X (T, B, 1 to 1/400) with only X synchronization.

* The Flash Supermatic version used for the 152mm had no 1/400 speed.

Kodak Data Book/Lens, Shutters and Portra Lenses ,
© 1952