KODAK EKTAR f /3.5, 44mm
(as used on the Kodak Signet 35)

This four-element completely Lumenized Ektar lens, especially designed for the Kodak Signet 35 Camera is one of the finest lenses ever produced for a miniature camera, regardless of price. Black-and-white negatives are crisp and needle-sharp, capable of being enlarged many diameters without loss of detail. Kodachrome transparencies have greater color purity and saturation than ever before. Focusing is consistently accurate throughout the entire focusing range from 2 feet to infinity. The lens mount is supported by 50 ball bearings, working smoothly and accurately at all seasonal temperatures. The coupled superiimposed-image rangefinder is combined with the viewfinder for rapid focusing and framing through a single window.

Kodak Data Book/Lens, Shutters and Portra Lenses ,
© 1952