KODAK EKTAR f /3.5, 78mm
(as used on the Kodak Chevron)

This four-element completely Lumenized Ektar lens, designed expressly for the Kodak Chevron Camera brings the famous Ektar quality for the first time to a Kodak camera for 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 negatives and transparencies. Its corrections are the highest obtainable, resulting in the finest color pictures and the sharpest negatives. The superb picture quality it produces is due to its excellent design, its precise mounting in its shutter, and its perfect alignment with the film plane through an accurately threaded focusing tub. Its smooth and extremely accurate focusing is accomplished through a ball-bearing mounting and an 8-inch rangefinder cam which is held to a tolerance of .0005 inch from any point to any other point over its entire length. Comparable accuracy applies to the parallax correction cam with the finder which is an integral part of the rangefinder cam. The rangefinder is of the unit magnification, split-field type, with a brilliant image even under poor light for ease and speed in accurate focusing; its eyepiece is directly under the viewfinder eyepiece for the utmost in convenience.

Kodak Data Book/Lens, Shutters and Portra Lenses ,
© 1955