Except for the Graflex, this page includes only cameras with at least limited movements.
The images below do not represent proportional sizes of the actual cameras.
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2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Pacemaker Crown Graphic
Pacemakers were made in 2 1/4 x 3 1/4, 3 1/4 x 4 1/4, and 4x5 formats. Crowns and Speeds were alike except for the addition of a flash-synced focal plane shutter on the Speed. A cheaper 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Century Graphic had a molded plastic body. Limited perspective control that can only be used in landscape orientation. Crowns and Centurys were about 3 pounds, and in good condition are about $200-250 depending on lens.

3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Graflex Super D
The Super D was the last in a long line of medium and large format single lens reflex designs. The Super D was offered in
3 1/4 x 4 1/4 and 4x5 formats. Besides the Gowlandflex TLR, the Graflex is about the only option for those wanting a large format reflex. No perspective control. The smaller size is usually cheaper and supports both cut-down sheet film and rollbacks. Used $300-600

4x5 Super Graphic
The Super Graphic was the last 'press' design, though some make the case for a field camera. Decent rise and fall, limited front shift and tilt, a rotating back and limited automation. Handles lenses from 65mm in a receccessed lens board to 500About 5 pounds and $400-500 used with typically good normal length lenses.

4x5 Graphic View II
A monorail design made from aluminum alloy with a bellows extension of 15 inches, focused by a rack within the rail. Graphic Views allowed full movements for the front standard, and tilt, swing and shift, and indirect rear rise/fall for back standard. It has a bubble level and an integrated pan/tilt head. A little under 8 pounds without lens and about $300 used with a decent normal length lens.



Badger Graphics M1 Monorail

Badger offers a basic 4 x 5 monorail with with all and generous movements in the $700 category. The M1 weighs about 7 pounds and uses a standard lens board and back.
Note: Badger has discontinued its private label monorails. You may still find used examples.

Toho FC-45X Monorail

A very lightweight monorail design with good stability and full movements, including direct rear rise/fall. About 3 pounds and compact in its brokendown mode. About $1400. A version with a fixed back standard is available for about $1100. Badger previously marketed a private label version of the FC-45X for about $900 and used examples of either brand may be available.

Shen-Hao HZX 4X5-IIA
The Shen-Hao is typical of entry level 4 x 5 wooden field cameras from SE Asia in the $600-800 range. Full movements in decent ranges with a double-extension bellows. Shen-Hao offers several interesting accessories: a reflex finder, tandem focusing/rollback plate, and an interchangeable bag bellows. Basic camera is about 4 pounds and $625.

US Importer


Toyo 45CF
Using Polycarbonate/carbon-fiber material to reduce weight to about 4 pounds, Toyo has produced a modern camera with specifications similar to those of the Super Graphic but with a reversible rather than revolving back and without range- or viewfinder. About $700 without lens.

Ebony 45S

With a general design similar to the Shen-Hao's the $2400 Ebony S illustrates what can be done with fancier woods--ebony heartwood--assembled more rigidly, better machined metal fittings (titanium) and better bellows. About 4 pounds.

Linhof Technika V
Sometimes called the 'Leica' of large format, Technikas are made with great precision, are heavy and expensive. They defined 'technical camera' when introduced in the late '40s. New Technikas sell for $4300-4600. A '70s Technika V like this from between $700-1500, depending on lens and condition.

Calumet Cadet
Probably the lowest priced new monorail available at about $550 new. Similar to the Cambo Explorer. Uses standard lens boards, an international standard reversible back and provides full, axis movements. About 5 pounds.

Toyo 45C
Toyo builds a series of monorails for different price points. The 45CX has a street price of about $700; the 45C above is priced at about $1100; the 45GII goes for about $2700. Weight--starting at about 8 pounds-- rigidity and precision increase with price.

Bender Monorail Kit

Precut cherry wood parts, bellows, groundglass and hardware for a 4x5 monorail. A reversible, but not-G back. 22" bellows with a standard 11" rail and a longer optional rail. About 3 pounds.

4x5 Models

You will see similar cameras listed as Models N, MX and SC. These share a basic design, were manufactured over a couple of decades and may vary in their feature sets. Square aluminum rail and sturdy U-mounting makes this a stable camera. Rotating and reversible backs. Generous movements on both standards. Rich selection of accessories. About 10 pounds without lens. Clean models are available on eBay for about $400.

Gowland Pocket View
The Pocket View is available in either 6 x 9 cm or 4 x 5 inch formats. Peter Gowland manufactures these and has also licensed the design to other manufacturers, so there are a variety of features across models, mostly having to do with which movements are supported. Weight varies from under to slightly over three pounds. New models from Gowland range from about $700 to slightly over $1000. Calumet made a significant number of Pocket Views with a Cambo back.

Medium Format alternatives to 4 x 5
Many 6x9 monorails are nearly as large and heavy as their 4x5 brethren. Exceptions include the Gowland 6x9 listed above and the Galvin below. Both are significantly smaller and lighter than most 4x5 monorails

Galvin 2 x 3
No longer made, but occasionally available on the used market, the Galvin was a very compact monorail with a reversible and very flexible 6 x 9 back design for a wide range of roll holders. About 3 pounds and about $300 without lens.

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