With the exception of the Ebony the cameras on this page are available new or at least carefully used for under $1000
The images below do not represent proportional sizes of the actual cameras.
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Shen-Hao HZX 4X5-IIA
The Shen-Hao is above average for entry level 4 x 5 wooden field cameras from SE Asia in the $600-800 range. Rise/fall, swing and base tilt on the front standard; rise, swing and both base and center tilt on the back. Double-extension bellows. Shen-Hao offers several interesting accessories: a reflex finder, tandem focusing/rollback plate, and an interchangeable bag bellows. Basic camera is about 4 pounds and $625.

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Horseman Woodman 45

A cherry wood camera with features similar to the Tachihara, but with an intenational G back that accepts most rollholders. About 3 pounds and $900 without lens board.


The Japanese Tachihara is made from seasoned cherry, is about 3.5 pounds and accepts Linhof lens boards. It has a spring back and movements that are similar to others of this design--front swing, tilt, shift and rise/fall, back swing and tilt. Recommended for wide angle work because of flexible bellows. About $600.

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Ikeda Anba

These were early field cameras from Japan with cherry frames and plated hardware. By current standards they had limited movements, but were very light and well constructed for their weight. They are occassionally available on the used market, but fetch prices similar to those for the Shen-Hao's and Tachihara.



Wista 45DX

Wistas are made from seasoned cherry with finely spaced finger joints; other woods available. Several back configurations are available, including a G. Swings and tilts on both standards, rise/fall on front. Lacquered brass fittings. About 4 pounds and $1200.

Ebony 45S

With a general design similar to the Shen-Hao's the $2400 Ebony S illustrates what can be done with fancier woods--ebony heartwood--assembled more rigidly, better machined metal fittings (titanium) and better bellows. About 4 pounds.


Medium Format alternatives to 4 x 5
Currently, I am not aware of any 6x? wood field cameras


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